the lightphone II
web and
mobile sites

"Designed to be used as
little as possible"

Following their motto, we created
the websites and mobile, so that
they were in line with the wishes
of the user personas

May 2018
User Experience

Visual Design
What do we want?
A responsive website that explains emotionally and functionally the ‘Light phone’.

Simple structure and easily usable.

An emotional and user centered design.
We created an IA of this app to organize the content so that users would easily adjust to the functionality of the product
User Personas
Francesco is interested in innovation and is an apple user.
Therefore he will feel familiar with the layout.

He is interested in the concept of social detoxing and in the philosophy of the product. He likes the idea of giving up the own phone, to rest the mind, but only if what will replace it
will be an object of equal design.

But Francesco is also interested in knowing more about the design and creation of the phone.
The design was created following the needs of the user, trying to remain, however, always in line with the philosophy of the new brand.
Following the Lightphone concept, or being light, we have created a very simple and clean graphic, but at the same time emotional, capable of transmitting the sensations that the product wants to convey to its user.